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Auto Auctions

In USA vehicles are sold by banks, leasing companies to dealers on wholesale terms via auto auction. After that, the same vehicles are resold by dealers to retail to consumers. Wholesale transactions are not available to the public, they are limited to dealer trade only. On our website you will be able search for vehicles offered for future auctions. Once you have identified car that you want to purchase, we will buy it for your from the auction at wholesale price. After that, we will deliver your vehicle at the most competitive price it to port or your choice or specified destination.


Copart is a specialty auction. It sells damaged vehicles, boats, bikes, snowmobiles as well as industrial and construction equipment.


The largest in the world network of auto auctions. Dealer auction only. This auctions sells millions of vehicles, boats and specialty vehicles every year.


Insurance Auto Auction sells damaged vehicles or all kinds. Main consignors of IAAI are insurance companies.


eBay is the most reputable virtual auction in the world. It was established in 1996 and it sell anything to anybody. We can buy or sell vehicle on your behalf on eBay auction.


Another auction.