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Delivery Process

1. Delivery from the auction to international shipping terminal

This stage takes from 2 to 10 days. Vehicles are dispatched directly from the auction to international shipping terminal of choice. We ship from the following locations and US Marine Terminals: Newark NJ, Miami FL, Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, Galveston TX. For your convenience, estimated delivery cost within USA is available on our web site.

2. Loading vehicle in container

Cars are loaded in 40-feet long containers. One container can fit up to 3 vehicles (back to back) or 4 vehicles (stacked). Container delivery rate is fixed, therefore, loading 4 vehicles in one container significantly lowers delivery cost. Loading vehicles in container takes 1-2 weeks.

3. Loading container on a Cargo Ship

This stage of your vehicle transportation may take from one day to one week, depending on marine transportation company that you choose, schedule of ships.

4. Marine Delivery to Destination

You vehicle will be sailing to port of destination for 18-26 days, depending on type of cargo ship, its schedule, season and weather conditions. You can track exact location of the container via tracking number issued by freight forwarding company. You will receive container tracking number from us along with complete export documentation for the car. We can deliver your vehicle to port of your choice.