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You do not have to worry again that your next vehicle purchase will be long and burdensome. Neither you have to worry about overpaying thousands of dollars to car brokers and middlemen. Now you can buy cars in USA directly from Auto Auctions, Private Owners, Banks, Leasing Companies as well as Dealers. Thank you for visiting our website, we welcome you to the USAUTOEXPERT family.

Products and Services

Products and Services:

- new and pre-owned automobile purchase directly from our dealerships
- pre-owned vehicle purchase directly from private owners, Public and Dealer only Auto Auctions
- pre-owned semi trucks, excavators, road construction and agricultural equipment directly from banks and leasing companies
- damaged vehicle purchase from Salvage Auto Auctions
- vehicle relocation, logistics and transportation to US Ports
- vehicle inspection, mechanical repair and interior and exterior reconditioning
- clearing US customs, loading vehicles in containers and preparing them international shipping

If you would like to come here the first time you do business with us, to meet with us and go along while we are buying your vehicles, please feel free to do so - you are very welcome! We based out of Chicago IL, the most beautiful and modern City in North America. We offer Auto Auction Tours, we will show you how we administer our business. You can be picked you up at the airport and taken along to some sales where you will be allowed to see how well we negotiate and handle the buying process and also see, in person, the quality of the vehicles we buy. After you see how thorough and particular we are about the cars we choose, you will feel very secure in allowing us to handle your vehicle buying needs in the future.

Car buying process

First you decide and tell us what vehicle or vehicles would you like to purchase in USA.

Once the vehicles you have requested are found, we secure them on your behalf. The vehicles are then inspected and only after they have passed the inspection will they be purchased for you using funds you have placed on deposit in our account for that purpose.

All sales are then validated, finalized and you will be provided with the proper documentation at the proper time after payment.

At this point in the process, we can arrange for the shipping for you or work with your preferred carrier. Our shipping associates are able to ship your vehicles to you... anywhere in the United States or Overseas for fully, fast, quality, door to door delivery.